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According to the IMEOS report, the news that BM wants to engage in new coins does not seem to be groundless and not without signs. According to its report, BM may develop a new universal anonymous currency. BM revealed in the telegram group that he and a dozen security engineers have evaluated the development of an anonymous digital currency plan, but it is still in the market investigation stage. The anonymous currency will have potential in gaming applications, with complete privacy, and there will be no risk of (information) being disclosed in the future; users can create tokens on their own; unless there are national resources to destroy its security; there is no censorship system. Moreover, the anonymous currency will maintain Bitcoin loans instanthigh performance. Each account can conduct 2 transactions per second; it can be confirmed in 0.2 seconds and is irreversible.

"In recent weeks, well-known investors in the world have sang praises to Bitcoin, which shows that they already hold Bitcoin and hope that more people will buy Bitcoin to increase the price of Bitcoin, and sometimes whales from Wall Street do this. This is to sell bitcoin to small businesses at a higher price.”

Reddit is currently testing two Ethereum-based tokens: $MOONS and $BRICKS. These two tokens will be issued to members of the /r/Cryptocurrency and /r/FortniteBR sections. Currently, the two sections are respectively. It has 1 million and 1.3 million subscribers. Reddit announced that the community points system will be launched in a limited community within two days. However, the reward system will not run on the test network until the fall of 2020 at the earliest. The system will not be migrated to the Ethereum mainnet until the beta test is over. On May 17, according to Etherscan data, the number of users of Reddit's newly launched crypto wallet exceeded 10,000.

Chen Zhipeng: I think that under the current regulatory environment, there are basically no legal issues in the field of currency-free blockchains, such as alliance chains and private chains that do not issue tokens. In this part, various parts of the country and industrial parks are actively guiding. The first blockchain electronic invoice in two days was born on the blockchain platform provided by Tencent, and the exploration in this area has little legal problems.

Simplicity is not a human-readable language, so someone may need to develop a language to compile it and then make it available to ordinary developers. In addition, the development of a smart contract design platform compatible with the UTXO model also requires a lot of research.

Believers who hold this view oBitcoin loans instantften take Hayek's "Denationalization of Currency" as their spiritual program and gold as their target. They believe that Bitcoin, like gold, has a fixed amount and limited output, so it will not cause inflation. And compared to gold, Bitcoin is more fair, free and transparent in the issuance and transaction process. However, history has proven that gold is a failed currency. Can we do better with Bitcoin?