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Ayre also accused supporters of Bitcoin (he referred to the current Bitcoin as SegwitBTC in the artBitcoin Casinoicle) and supporters of Bitcoin Cash for making fatal repairs to Bitcoin. In other words, according to Ayre, Bitcoin and BCHABC abandon the core principles of Bitcoin, abandon the Nakamoto consensus, and abandon the trust in proof of work (PoW) for miners.

Of course, we can't believe that the money was taken away by Gerald Cotten until we have investigated it clearly. There are still many details to be determined, such as whether account deposits are really artificial? How are these accounts used? Can the QuadrigaCX exchange keep the transaction records and personal information of the blockers?

Gemini will require smart contract developers to obtain approval from the custodian or key set. For developers, these can be online or offline. However, the custodian will find another custodian and create a chain until it reaches the offline key set. Here, the white paper points out that if the custody of a smart contract is terminated in an offline key set, an offline approval mechanism for its operation will be created.

BTC has played a role similar to gold reserves in the DeFi boom, which is also one of the important drivers of the continued rise in BTC prices. WBTC issued with a 1:1 peg is already the sixth largest token on Ethereum. According to data from the official website, there are currently 122,281 WBTC, and the custodian holds the same amount of Bitcoins, but in mid-September, only 80,000 Bitcoins were anchored to tokenize.

War, warneverchanges (war never ends). I believe that the old players who have played the Fallout series are no strangers to this sentence. Where there are people, there will be rivers and lakes. Where there are people, there will be war. As small as a war between two people, as large as a war between two countries, there may be a war between two planets in the future. Different backgrounds, different positions, different thoughts...Civilization is just like this, driven by war, and crushed by war.

Bitcoin can also bring benefits to people who have never used Bitcoin. It hedges the risk of evil by the central bank and makes the global financial system more resilient. Ironically, Bitcoin can promote the progress of other monetary property systems in the world. Are you kidding me? This is indeed the case. This is the impBitcoin Casinoact of competition on the market. If you are a fan, you will benefit every time Samsung releases a new product, because this forces Apple to improve product quality and competitiveness.