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Answer: Bitcoin uses a set of methods that everyone keeps accounts, or a decentralized method of accounting. Basically, we believe that Alipay cannot be tampered with, but this method relies on a center. This center is Alibaba. The data is stored in its database. In fact, we don’t know whether it is safe or not. We just know if it is out. For problems, we can complain to Alibaba. Bitcoin has no center, so there will be many copies of the ledger, and everyone has one copy. If someone tampered with the ledger, then since the vast majority of others did not tamper, everyone can vote to reach a consensus and delete the tampered ledger. Therefore, it cannot be tampered with based on everyone's vote. In other words, if I can buy more than 50% of the people on the entire Bitcoin network, I can tamper with the ledger. This is the 51% attack you may have heard of. But as the Bitcoin network becomes very large, it is very diffiReal bitcoincult for bad guys to achieve this.

(Bloomberg Intelligence)-We believe that the current stock market volatility dragged down Bitcoin is only temporary, and the final result may be reminiscent of gold after the 2008 financial crisis. Bitcoin is the first-generation cryptocurrency. It came out in 2009 and performed relatively well. Although its risk weighted by volatility is five times that of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, its decline in 2020 is only four points of that of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. one. For an asset that has only been created for 10 years, Bitcoin's 7*24-hour price transparency, as well as no restrictions, circuit breakers, or third-party supervision, make it a remarkable achievement.

The same is true for the information provided by Coinmap. Users can use it to search the world map and find companies that accept cryptocurrency. For example, a search in New York City revealed that there are 136 such businesses in the downtown area (the intersection of Manhattan and Brooklyn). Many of these companies only accept Bitcoin, such as TonyDeli, BigBoyDeli and GLineDeli in Brooklyn, all of which have their own Bitcoin ATMs.

Eric Masanet, an energy modeling scholar at NorthwesternUniversity, said that most Bitcoin/global warming studies have serious flaws. Eric said that the global power industry is taking large-scale measures to achieve decarbonization. He believes that policy-driven reductions in fossil power supply will eventually prompt Bitcoin mining equipment to rely on green power-these facts should not be ignored.

And this last attribute allows Bitcoin to control the release of Bitcoin supply. Without it, as long as the computing power increases, Bitcoin will suffer a rapid inflation process. But it turns out that this property assigns considerable utility to the Bitcoin protocol and also allows people to use Bitcoin as a data anchor for other services. Because we have a fairly strong guarantee that the timestamp is within a given range, and we have a mathematical guarantee for the energy required to rewrite the history of the blockchain, Bitcoin provides a reliable anchor for data timestamps. But how reliable is it?

Maduro hopes to counter US economic sanctions through the issuance of cryptocurrency, lead the country out of the quagmire, get rid of hyperinflation, and help Venezuela get rid of the severe economic crisis, including paying off debts, Real bitcoinincreasing imports of necessities and raw materials, and bypassing the US government. The economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela have allowed American individuals and Venezuelan companies to resume business relations.

Bitcoin uses the UTXO model. Transactions have inputs and outputs, and they can have one or more inputs and outputs. The previous output can be used as input for future transactions. The unused output is called UTXO, and UXTO is usually called coins. UXTO is associated with a Bitcoin address and can be used by creating a valid signature corresponding to the address’s scriptPubKey.