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After BCH's largest client, BitcoinABC, released its full node implementation version 0.10 on August 20, it caused a sensation in the BCH community. This version includes major software changes such as standardizing transaction instructionsBitcoin mining investment and adding two new opcodes.

Gabriel Cardona, the creator of, and many other BCH enthusiasts have been paying attention to and sharing the peak trading charts on the BCH network. The data collected from Mempool and shows that there have been several significant increases in the BCH transaction count.

Over-the-counter transactions are usually larger. Essentially, the broker arranges for buyers and sellers to trade bitcoins in fiat currencies. In OTC transactions, bitcoins worth thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars will not cause fluctuations in the currency price on the market unless the assets are later sold on exchanges.

On YouTube, the user Coinspeed commented: Interesting story, so Jed handed over an exchange with a serious code error to Fatty, including the backdoor of the deposit system, which caused hundreds of thousands of BTC to disappear within a few years. At the same time, Jed created it again. Ripple. It looks like Fatty is just a man of the pot, and Jed is the villain.

SPV looks up a specific address in the blockchain, and then requires the node to prove that the transaction related to one of the addresses actually occurred in a specific block. This is basically a proof of existence (proof of existence) that the transaction has occurred, but you are still vulnerable to some things, such as a node being missed, and no proof is given to you. You are also susceptible to the influence that dozens (if not hundreds) of rules in the protocol may be broken, but the full node may lie to you.

The idea of ​​the proposal is to calculate the cost based on the Bitcoin mining investmentlong-term restricted state (this is the Ethereum node data that a node operator needs to store), so that it can be convenient for developers to track who owns all current application information ( Including user balances, tracing who uploaded too much data, etc.).

Coinbase said it has received investment from companies such as Tiger Fund, Wellington Management and Andreessen Horowitz, but it has not previously announced that GIC is also involved. However, both GIC and Coinbase declined to comment on this matter.