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In November 2017, the Beijing Equity Exchange Center, together with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other regional equity market operating institutions, jointly launched the regional equity market intermediary agency credit chain, focusing on building a unified standard and unchangeable intermediary agency’s practice information sharing system. Trust Blockchain is the first blockchain application project officially launched in the industry. 1 Wuhan Municipal People’s Government: A one-time reward of 2 million yuan for being selected as one of the top 100 national blockchain blockchains. According to the official website of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government has recently issued the "Wuhan City Breakthrough Development of Digital Economy Implementation Plan". In the four fields of intelligence, blockchain, 5G, and industrial Internet, 10 digital economy industry innovation key tasks are released each year. After the list is unveiled, the successful implementation of the assessment is determined. Each company will be rewarded 2 million yuan. Undertake 50% of reward funds. For the first time to enter the top 100 domestic and foreign digital economy, the top 100 national software, the top 100 national Internet, the top 100 national electronic information, and the top 100 national blockchain companies issued by an authoritative organization for the first time, a one-time reward of 2 million yMy Bitcoin wallet addressuan will be given.

Nesbitt concluded that certain currencies are easily frozen due to large-scale restructuring attacks and suffer the loss of double spending, so it is difficult to prove their theoretical value. He said he hopes that individuals and organizations can help exchanges, prevent user capital risks, and let them know that safety is the first thing.

On February 20, the US Federal Register (Federal Register) officially announced the VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF rule change proposal submitted by CboeBZX. It is reported that the proposal was submitted on January 30, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued this notice to solicit opinions from relevant parties on the proposed rule change. According to the calculation of the SEC's process time, the SEC will make a final decision on this proposal until October this year. In addition, among the public information, there are ETF proposals submitted by the New York Stock Exchange Arca and Bitwise.

DEVCON4: From October 30 to November 2, 2018, the Ethereum Developer Conference was held in Prague. The main topics were divided into six themes: Scalability, Secutiry, Privacy, Developer Experience, UX&Design, and Society&Systems. The conference gave a more detailed introduction and discussion from the perspectives of the history of ETH0, the layered structure of Layer 2 and Layer 1, and the P2P network design of the fourth stage of Ethereum. The details of the meeting can be found in the 44th week of the 6th issue of the Huobi Research Institute's internal reference technical weekly report. At the same time, the 41st week of the 3rd issue, the 42nd week of the 4th issue and the 45th week of the 7th issue all give a gradual progress to ETH0 Detailed introduction.

Climax: Miners in the group, they should prefer HBTC, because HBTC minting and burning are very simple, and everyone has an account and assets in Huobi, so generating HBTC is very simple, just one step, the most important thing is to hold HBTC Can get good benefits in DeFi. Just look at Curve. The BTC assets with the best returns, such as acBTC and Boringdao, also support HBTC. More agreements will be supported recently.

Bitcoin has always been the world's most important and valuable cryptocurrency, and this situation is unlikely to change in the short term. Nevertheless, many people believe that Bitcoin is already in crisis. In fact, many users complain that they not oMy Bitcoin wallet addressnly have to wait several hours to confirm the transaction, but also pay high fees in the process. The problem is that Bitcoin's blockchain can only process up to 7 transactions per second, which will cause transaction delays and increase transaction fees. If Bitcoin is to become a widely adopted payment system, then this number really needs to change.

For users, the biggest advantage of Lightning Network Wallet is the second payment speed comparable to Alipay, which greatly promotes daily use. The types of wallets that have emerged at this stage: wallets that control their funds, managed wallets, node hardware, point-of-sale (POS), and lightning web browser plug-ins similar to the Ethereum browser plug-in MetaMask.